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Collaborative Work


Sound/Art collaboration with sound artist miXile. Officially started January 2007, though much discussed before hand. We envisage five artworks each, or a one year time frame with the combined works being made public at end of period.

The different disiplines are informing the piece, which is a dialogue between two artists, each piece reflects and responds to the previous one and is influenced by passing time and personal and interpersonal relationship.

  • The piece is a conversation / dialogue, back and forth between two artists
  • Each piece informed by the previous and influenced by passing time


statement 1: - "Can you see where I am coming from"; Acrylic on canvas, handed to miXile February 2007

statement 2: - "Extended Blue"; Soundscape, handed to Chris May 2007

statement 3: - " Solstice", Oil on canvas, handed to miXile June 2007


1 : Can you see where I am coming from : Image first visualized on a napkin on the return journey of an "expedition to Dublin" in 2004.

2 : Extended Blue : miXile has created a soundscape based on the painting which introduces elements that he is interested in developing in his own work. As he is working on album recorded last year the new direction does not sit with current work, the final piece is a third version, the 2nd lost to technology.

3 : Solstice : 2nd working of image, reflects key themes, not just interpretation of extended blue, introduces elements of interest, relevant to the week in which work started. New elements at the centre, framed by visualisation of soundscape.
Colours and light experienced monents after sunset at Lisnakill dolmen, which in 2005 I discovered was aligned with Summer Solstice, revisited this year with Jennifer.
Sky and treeline full of heavy summer light and rain. turning point

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