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Slow Art Movement

Slow Art Day buttonThe 'Slow Movement' supports and values diversity; it is about nurturing local cultural and natural heritage, and encourages the explorations of new ways to promoting its sustainable development. The evolving movement recognizes the benefits of slowing down the way we engage with art and creativity, both individually and as communities. It encourages us to give exhibiting artists time to speak through their work – to contempate on the possibility that there may be a bigger picture.

Slow Art Links

list updated 12 April 2011
Online postings related to Slow Art - complied by Amie Roman:
The Slow Society : a movement of people living slowly sustainably - in harmony with the complex web of life.
Slow Art Day : Visit a museum, view pre-selected works of art, meet for lunch, chat about experience.
Chrysalis Arts : artist-led public art company, training and arts development agency in the North Yorkshire.
The Slow Art Collective :

Artist: non functional baskets by award-winning basketmaker Joe Hogan

Slow Art Day

Slow Art Day is less about ‘art speak’ and more about giving yourself time. It is about valuing your own personal response to what you see, and making time to listen to what others have to say.
Slow Art Day 2011 connected over 85 venues world wide. The global annual event, run by volunteers, celebrates the joy of looking at art slowly. It was conceived in 2009 by Phil Terry, chair of New York-based non-profit Reading Odyssey, in response to research that found people leave galleries ‘tired not inspired’ – stopping for only 8 seconds to view each art work. The aim is to facilitate personal engagement with art … ‘if you look slowly, your experience will be transformed.’  More info

Slow Art Day at Greyfriars

On Saturday April 16th, 2011 between 11am and 1pm, Ireland’s first Slow Art Day event will take place at Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, and the nearby Tower Hotel in Waterford City.

Ciaran LynchCiaran LynchThe fun celebration is open to the public and free of charge. The idea is simply – relax, reflect and discuss art with others – slowly!

The criteria behind my choice of artwork is
the regional local context of the Municiapal Art Collection and landscape inspired work by local artist Ciaran Lynch. The aim is to promote respect for and awareness of our distinct cultural and natural heritage.

Any time between 11 am to 12 noon, participants view Flight Over Slieve Coillte, Co. Wexford, mixed media and oil on canvas Snow on the Rooftop, Passage East by Ciaran Lynch.

Sarah PurserJohn BehanTwo works from the Waterford Municipal Art Collection are located in the upstairs gallery: - Man and Boy a bronze by John Behan, and Sarah Purser’s oil on canvas A Woman. Participants are encouraged to spend five to ten minutes, on their own or in pairs, observing each piece.

At around midday we will walk around to the Tower Hotel for lunch, and chat about the experience.

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